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Deep Sea Dive

A Discover Scuba Dive or Try Scuba is a safe and easy introduction to underwater deep sea diving. Defy gravity and experience freedom! We take your pictures!



Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours
Prerequisites: None
Swimming skills: Not required
Min. Age: 10 years
Max. Depth: 12 mtrs.

Who is this dive for?

The Discover SCUBA Dive is for the novice diver who wants a SCUBA experience but does not have the time or desire for a certification course. You do not need to know swimming!


You become an astronaut defying gravity, entering a new liquid world of magical beauty and strange inhabitants, experiencing bliss and ultimate freedom! It is a safe and easy introduction to diving and is a lot of fun.


Our Approach

We start with a brief on the concept of SCUBA. Then you complete some skills in shallow water where you become comfortable with your breathing, buoyancy (weightlessness) control and safety exercises. Post this we take you out for a closely supervised dive wherein you can explore the stunning reef. During the dive, our ratio is 2 students to 1 Dive Master or Instructor. We send you home with photos and video to cherish your experience forever.


Try Scuba or DSD

We offer 2 kinds of dive experiences: the Try Scuba (TS) that is a shorter in-water version where we dive from the shore and teach you the absolute basics and give you your photos and video. The Discover Scuba Dive (DSD) is a boat dive and longer in-water version where we visit one of the exclusive dive sites and you practice more skills, do a longer dive and capture more photos / videos.

Pricing & Booking

Try Scuba: 3,500 INR
Discover Scuba Dive: 4,500 INR

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What can I do next?

If you like this Dive Experience you can sign up for the SCUBA Diver/Open Water Diver Course as the experience can be credited towards these courses.

Medical Prerequisite

You need to be medically fit to dive: check this medical statement. In case there is a YES to any of the conditions listed, you need to obtain a medical clearance from a doctor before you start any in-water activity. Please bring (ONLY if there is a YES) page 1 and 2 (original copy signed by your doctor) of the medical statement with you to the Andaman Islands!


“I looked into the sea with the same sense of trespass that I have felt on every dive. A modest canyon opened below, full of dark green weeds, black sea urchins and small flower like white algae. Fingerlings browsed the scene. The sand sloped down into a clear, blue infinity. The sun struck so brightly I had to squint. My arms hanging at my sides, I kicked the fins languidly and traveled down, gaining speed, watching the beach reeling past. I stopped kicking and the momentum carried me on a fabulous glide.”
— Jacques Cousteau on his first scuba dive in 1943