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Dive Site: Dixon Pinnacle

Depth: 16 – 35 Meters

Level: Advanced

Distance: 17 kms

Location: South – East of Havelock

Topography: 3 Deep Pinnacles

Sightings: Reef Fish, Schools of Snappers & Fusiliers, Pelagics, Turtle


Dixons Pinnacle is easily regarded as one of the most iconic dive sites around Havelock and with good reason! This site was named after Dixon, one of the local instructors still working on the island. The site is made up of 3 large pinnacles – A large one with the top at 18 meters and 2 smaller pinnacles with their tops at approx. 25 meters.

The site is buzzing with life and the tops of the pinnacles are active feeding stations for Pelagics, Giant Trevally, Barracuda, Giant Groupers, Mackerel and Tuna. Stingrays and Napoleon wrasse can often be seen closer to the bottom amidst schools of Bengal and Paddle Tail Snapper.

Along the sides of the pinnacles one finds beautiful tube corals and majestic barrel sponges, sometimes covered with hordes of glass fish that can very easily distract from the schools of Batfish, Banner fish or Barracuda hovering mid – water.

This site is also a cleaning station and regular sightings include Turtles and Moray Eels who visit this site to avail of the cleaning service. If lady luck is on your side you may even catch a Manta Ray or White-tip reef sharks cruising by.







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