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SCUBA in the City

Try Scuba OR Study with PADI and SSI eLearning and Get into a Swimming Pool to start your Diving in Mumbai! Come Dive-Ready to Havelock!

In Mumbai we offer 2 Scuba programs: the Discover Scuba Dive (DSD) OR Theory / Confined Training of your Open Water Course.


Who is this for?

You want to learn Scuba but are not sure about it? You want to try it out first before committing to a course? You can not commit 2 days in the swimming pool with us? Dive in with the DSD!


How does it work?

This is a 1.5 hour program where we introduce you to the absolute basics of Scuba. We explain the equipment, how to breath, and teach you a few skills that are absolutely essential to complete your buoyancy dive in the swimming pool under the supervision of one of our dive masters.


• You get a feel of Scuba in the comfort of a swimming pool in your home city
• You are better prepared to start your Open Water course with us in Havelock as you have already taken the first few steps. At our dive centre in Havelock we repeat these skills and add on to it!
• You have more flexibility in managing your time when planning your diving holiday


What is next?

Option 1: After the DSD you can sign up for your pool training session in Mumbai (2 day program) after which you complete your referral dives (2 days) in Havelock or any PADI / SSI dive center in the world.
Option 2: Come better prepared to Havelock and complete your course with Scuba over 3 days


Who is this for?

If you are apprehensive about SCUBA diving, do not want to spend time studying for a course during your holiday, or wish to be better prepared before you dive into the open sea, then this programme can make a difference!


How does it work?

You spend one week-end (2days) with us during which we revise the academics and spend a lot of time with you in the swimming pool. You get a full equipment orientation, teach you how to assemble your gear, train you proficiently in all skills you need to know as a Scuba Diver for your safety and comfort, and make sure you become an efficient and effective diver when practising your trim and buoyancy!


• You get to study the theory of SCUBA through eLearning or in a classroom close to your home (step 1)
• You get to learn SCUBA in the comfort of a swimming pool in your home city (step 2)
• You are better prepared (knowledge, ability, comfort, confidence) to make your training dives in the Open Sea (step 3)
• You have more flexibility in managing your time when planning your diving holiday

What is next?

After your pool training you come dive-ready to Havelock and complete your Open Water Dives with us as part of the universal referral program to get your diving license.


Start with eLearning

With eLearning you study the theory at home online, at your pace, and schedule. To start with eLearning click on the PADI or SSI logo respectively. The link will bring you to a new website where you sign up. Please make sure you associate yourself with Scuba as a dive shop so we can monitor your progress!

PADI eLearning

SSI eLearning

At present, we offer these programs in Mumbai. If you are living elsewhere in India, have a group of friends interested in the Open Water Diver course and a pool available, drop us a note, we might just come over and organise it for you OR we can refer you to one of our dive partners!