Havelock’s best premium dive sites are finally open to dive!

Good tidings we bring! After the last few years of struggle we finally have access to our favourite world famous dive sites off Havelock Island

Jackson’s bar, Johnny’s gorge, Dixon’s pinnacles and Whitehouse rock, these are the only names that make our hearts flutter with excitement more than a lover could. It was diving these sites that hooked many of us divers on the island to the sport and drove more than a few to take it up professionally. Certified divers from all over the world would make annual pilgrimages to the Island only to dive these spectacular reefs which never fail to amaze. Imagine the collective disappointment when we were told we couldn’t dive these sites anymore two years ago. That was until the year 2020 decided to enter with a bang, finally allowing our boats to go to the further sites just last month.


Good diving is back

Among the premium dive sites that are accessible by us now are the holy trinity of Havelock’s best diving at Jackson’s bar, Johnny’s gorge and Dixon’s pinnacles which were interestingly discovered by and named after three Karen brothers. They were spearfishermen who became the first Karen scuba instructors on Havelock and still work here. Others include the mesmerising Whitehouse rock, the 90m long wreck SS Inchkett and Broken ledge. All of them deep reefs averaging at about 20-30 meters with good visibility, that on the best days can be clearly seen from the boat. You descend into dramatic hunting scenes with schools of barracuda, trevally and tuna whizzing past you, huge schools of snappers that block your field of vision and big boys like white-tip reef sharks, eagle rays and goliath groupers taking a leisurely nap or stroll around the reef.


Our new boat and Enriched Air Nitrox

We already have two boats that are already diving these sites with a third one on its way. The Humpback Whale is our new MS Class boat which is a 12 metre goliath in its own right. With two 250hp engines and advanced safety equipment it can make trips to the far-off sites like Jackson’s bar, Johnny’s gorge, Dixon’s pinnacles and Whitehouse rock speedy yet safe . We now provide Enriched Air Nitrox at Havelock and also conduct EANx courses so that you can enjoy longer dives with more bottom time at these premium dive sites.

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