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An Ode to Nature

The world is in a precarious situation these days. We can see it in our changing neighborhoods, in the slyly disappearing parks and trees and in the species that leave us without a chance to say goodbye. We can feel it in the increasingly hot summers, erratic rainfall and in the growing confusion in all of our hearts about the purpose of life itself. Humanity feels lost because our lives in the city have pulled us further away from nature and we have severed our connection with this well of energy that makes the world move. Earth Song is our effort to forge that connection once again. Using the island’s rich biodiversity of flora and fauna on land as well as underwater, we want to ignite love, curiosity and most importantly respect for not only the environment that sustains us but also the creatures that we share our home with. We are greatly concerned about the sustainability of our fragile Andaman Islands and how tourism has been impacting them over the last few years. Through this we hope to become an instrument of change at an individual and community level to sensitize visitors in understanding how they can, through their own actions, contribute to a healthy and sustainable future for our planet.


Marine Ecology Education Programs

The most affected and the least acknowledged victim of climate change is the ocean. It is the metaphorical carpet that we brush our CO2 emissions, waste and sewage under. To deepen your understanding of the underwater environment we have Reef Ecology programs woven into your diving courses and a special course that focuses on Island Ecology.

Trash Management and Awareness

With a steady increase in tourism comes a barrage of plastic waste that you can see on almost every beach and reef of the Island. We undertake regular community beach clean-ups and conduct reef clean-ups with segregation and documentation in our diving courses to salvage the island’s trash problem in addition to awareness on alternatives to plastic.

Nature walks and tours

The Island serves as one of the best outdoor learning labs in the country with a wide variety of ecosystems that work together. We take you on an exploration of these ecosystems through guided Intertidal walks, Jungle walks, Culture tours, Mangrove kayaking and delightful Island Hopping snorkeling tours.

Talks and screenings

We hold weekly documentary screenings and talks on diving, ecology and life on the Islands shared by divers, locals and ecologists to create a platform for learning and conversations. 


FAD and Reef monitoring

We have a Fish Aggregating Device near our home reef that we maintain to attract fish and provide them shelter and we also conduct reef monitoring to study the health of the reef.

Collaborations and partnerships

We also reach out to various stake holders and affiliate partners to create a common platform of mutual understanding and collaboration to support the conservation initiatives, map out the ecological variables and factors at play and help us improve them. Our workshops and programs are designed for individuals and groups, but are perfect for schools from the islands, mainland India and abroad as outdoor classroom learning that augments the syllabus.


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