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Fish Identification Diver

Our detailed Fish Identification Course lets you deep dive into the mesmerising lives of fish. Over 3-4 days you will learn about the different fish families and their distinctive features over theory as well as practical dives to create an impressive knowledge bank of marine fish.

Invertebrate Identification Diver

Explore the diversity one of the most abundant yet mysterious marine life forms, the invertebrates. Within this 2 to 3-day course you will learn how to distinguish between various phyla of marine invertebrates and spot/observe them in a variety of conditions and habitats on dives.

Marine Naturalist Diver

This 3 to 4 day course takes you on a trip to underwater cities or as we call them, coral reefs. Learn about the natural history of coral reefs and the intricate relationships that form between its diverse inhabitants through observation dives and basic reef monitoring techniques. 

Coastal Ecologist

Take a trip with us to where land meets the sea. Explore different types of coasts, learn about tides and the superpower adaptations of the creatures that inhabit one of the harshest marine environments, the Intertidal Zone. 


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