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Manta Point / Robin's Bay

Manta Point is a long picture-perfect fringing reef that leads towards the shallows of Havelock. Here, one can see healthy regeneration of stag-horn and table coral post the tsunami that hit these islands in 2004. A timed afternoon visit to the west side of the main reef can lead to sightings of spotted rays, eagle rays, torpedo rays, devil rays and sometimes mantas. Also, the scattered reefs to the west house rock crevasses with large number of lobsters, octopus, eels and macro life like various kinds of shrimps and nudibranchs.



Max. Depth:
5-18 mts

Distance from Neil:
5.5 Kms

North of Neil

Fringing reef

Rays, lobster, octopus, eel, shrimps, nudibranchs


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