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Guided Diving

The Andaman Sea is a playground for certified divers. It has a plethora of magnificent dive sites of every level to choose from, which are also relatively unexplored and uncongested. This gives all your dives an element of surprise and a wide berth for exploration. Ranging from 5 to 30 meters, there are a wide variety of options for Open Water, Advanced Open Water as well as specialty certified divers. You have the chance to witness massive groupers, inquisitive napoleon wrasse, majestic rays, sharks, dramatic hunting scenarios as well as a host of macro critters on these untouched reefs. Even the same dive sites have the tendency to offer you different dive experiences depending on its mood or the time of day, making the possibilities on every dive endless. One day of fun diving would include two guided dives at different sites, accompanied by an expert local dive professional to orient you to the site. 

Diving Essentials

We are an Aqualung partner center and dive with Aqualung Calypso regulators, BCDs, masks, snorkels, open-heel fins and wetsuits (3mm). The gauges are in metric units (Bar and meters). We use 80 cu ft aluminum cylinders from Luxfer with INT fitting that are filled by our Bauer certified compressors. We maintain our equipment with great care to ensure proper functioning and our staff dives with computers to ensure Nitrogen load safety on your guided dive!

Approach and Safety First!

Our guided dives are conducted in a ratio of four certified divers to one dive leader and last for one hour or 50 bar, whichever comes first. While we try to match people in ability, experience and air consumption, we do expect you to follow safe diving practices. Remember to dive with a buddy, dive within your limits of training and ability, no deco diving or diving deeper than 30 meters, slowly ascend from every dive, make a safety stop when required, plan your dive with your dive leader and dive your plan. Above all we want you to stay well hydrated so there will be plenty of water on the boat. Happy diving!


Best Scuba Diving in Havelock, Andaman & Nicobar, India | Price & Packages

(We charge ₹1000/day extra for visiting premium dive site)

ScubaLov Nitrox
Fun Dives (Certified Divers only)
Dawn Dive₹5000 Book Now
Night Dive₹4000 Book Now
Single Dive₹4000 Book Now
1 day / 2 dives₹6000 Book Now
2 days / 4 dives₹12000 Book Now

18% GST extra on the above charges.

FUN DIVES (Certified Divers only)
3 days / 6 dives₹17500 Book Now
4 days / 8 dives₹23000 Book Now
5 days / 10 dives₹28500 Book Now
6 days / 12 dives₹34000 Book Now
Post 6 days for every 2 extra dives₹5000 Book Now

18% GST extra on the above charges.

FUN DIVES (Certified Divers only)
Lite Refresher(inclusive of 1 dive)₹4000 Book Now
Full Refresher₹5000 Book Now
Nitrox(Per Tank)₹500 Book Now
Private Dive Leader(half day)₹2000 Book Now

18% GST extra on the above charges.


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