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Johnny's Gorge

Johnny’s Gorge is every diver’s undisputed favourite amongst dive sites around Havelock and there is one word that explains it all. SHARKS! Shy white-tip reef sharks and a variety of rays can be spotted resting on the sandy bottom around this deep circular reef.

Whitehouse Rock

Have you ever been surrounded by so many fish that you don’t know which way is up or down? It is easy to get disoriented because of the sensory implosion that is Whitehouse Rock.

Dixon's Pinnacles

One of the most iconic dive sites around Havelock, Dixon’s Pinnacles are like the scene of an action movie. This site is also a cleaning station and offers one of the most breathtaking views of what a healthy reef looks like.

Jackson Bar

Along with Dixon’s Pinnacles and Johnny’s Gorge, it completes the holy trinity of must-see dive sites around Havelock. Its unique location and the strong currents that run perpendicular to the site makes it a regular haunt for pelagics and divers who don’t mind a challenging dive.

Broken Ledge

Broken Ledge looks like a pizza with one slice slightly broken away from the rest. This deep reef has mini ravines, crevices and canyons that are a delight to explore. Giant moray eels gawk from between the rocky outcrops while banded sea kraits glide gracefully like ribbons of black and white into their sanctuaries.

The Wall

Located right in the channel between Havelock and Peel islands, the wall is one of the most unpredictable and popular dive sites around Havelock. It is a sloping wall like formation which starts at 10 meters and drops down all the way to 55 meters on one side, thus offering divers of all levels and preferences an equally enriching dive experience.

Pilot Reef

The star attractions of Pilot reef are a family of resident leopard sharks who can sometimes be found chilling on the sand banks along with large marble rays. Located close to the entrance of the shipping channel, this large flat reef is home to an array of colorful reef fish and coral.

SS Inchkett

There is something very delightfully spooky about diving a sunken shipwreck. One of the best wrecks in the Andamans, it is mesmerizing to see how such a massive man-made object transitions into an ideal home for so many fish and coral.


One of the most expansive sites near Havelock, Minerva’s vast coral gardens hold almost every species of marine flora and fauna that are native to the Andamans. It’s magnificent display of colorful coral and large schools of fusiliers, snapper, surgeon fish, unicorn fish, trevally and barracuda sashaying above them make for an amazing dive experience that beckons you to return for more.


M4 is Ray City. Sting Rays, Leopard Rays and Marble Rays dominate the sand banks that lie along the extensive main reef. This site follows the east coast of Havelock off Kalapathar beach and has a maximum depth of just 15 meters.
The reef itself is a delight to dive at with its resident Leopard groupers, Harlequin sweetlips, Octopus and even Dancing shrimp.


Even from the boat, the delicious turquoise blue waters of the Aquarium are drool-worthy, inviting you to jump in as soon as possible. This sheltered site is almost always devoid of any current making it the perfect training ground for budding divers. This bright dive site almost always has crystal clear visibility and looks a lot like a real aquarium but with happier fish. It is brimming with butterfly fish, crocodile fish and large batfish.

Turtle Beach

Turtle beach used to be a nesting site for turtles in the past, therefore the name. This is a shallow fringing reef surrounded by brilliant blue water and some of the most beautiful live hard coral you will find around Havelock. A great site for beginner divers as it has both a deep and a shallow end.

The Red Pillar

There is no other dive site you could claim to have seen something as cool as fish riding a scooter and bicycle. This small and easy dive site is located just off the neighboring Peel Island, within the channel and therefore sees some strong but manageable current on most days.

The Slope

The shallow slope proves to be an amazing sensory delight for not just beginners but even seasoned divers. Starting at 5 meters, it goes all the way down to 20 meters deep and more, as it leads down to the adjoining Wall. Gliding through a field of eerie sea whips lend the dive at Slope a very cinematic feel.

MV Mars

MV Mars is the wreck of a small wooden cargo vessel that sank during a storm in the April of 2006. Visibility tends to be limited on this site like most wrecks, but that adds to its charm. This wreck sits upright with its bottom resting at 15 meters and has become home to many varieties of cardinal fish, parrot fish and trigger fish.

Nemo Reef

Nemo is our home reef and it is unarguably the best site in the Andamans for newbies to take their first plunge into the scuba diving world. With little to no current and clear visibility all year round, this sheltered bay provides swimming pool-like conditions for confined water training as well as introductory dive experiences for first timers.

Purple Haze

Purple haze is an enigma. You never really know what to expect on this quaint, colorful reef. Pretty red gorgonians and purple soft coral fringe this reef where shoals of fusiliers pour down upon you like rain. Here you can play hide-and-seek with a curious octopus or lose yourself in the eyes of a peacock mantis shrimp.


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