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The best scuba diving destination in the Andaman Islands

Havelock Island is what your wildest dreams are made of, dense evergreen forests lined by glowing white sand beaches and surrounded by a brilliant expanse of turquoise blue ocean as far as the eye can see. This is the untouched paradise from your favorite Island movies and books, come to life.

It is a place where dreams merge with reality, where sometimes when the ocean is still, it reflects the sky and brings it all the way down to your feet. It is where the sun and moon paint masterpieces in the sky as they rise and set every day.  On this small remote piece of heaven, barely 18 km in length, the only thing more beautiful than the island itself is the world it hides under its watery blanket. 

Havelock Island is one of the best scuba diving destinations in not just the Andamans but the world over, with exquisite unexplored dive sites exploding with marine life. It is also known for its sheltered bays and swimming pool like conditions right off the shore making it the perfect dive destination for certified divers as well as beginners, interested in getting Open Water certified. If you are not a diver or even a swimmer, no worries we have a range of safe beginner try diving programs to introduce you to the underwater world. One of the biggest regrets you will take back with you from Havelock will be to not have dived the best waters in the country.

When not diving, Havelock Island offers a range of activities for every kind of traveler. The adventurous have the option of mangrove kayaking, night kayaking with bioluminescent plankton, forest hikes, snorkeling, Island hopping trips and more.

While for those who want to wind down and relax there are beautiful beaches like Radhanagar and Kalapathar which are safe for swimming.  Most importantly you have a melting pot of interesting people from all over the world to meet, who make this space unique. So come down and experience the most perfect island holiday.


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