SSI Advanced Adventurer 

Become a scuba adventurer

There is something thrilling about diving into waters deeper than your eyes can see. The SSI’s Advanced Adventurer program is your chance to explore the mysterious ocean below your Open Water diving limit of 18 meters. You get to sample five different specialty dives, which allows you to widen your range of diving skills and grow into a more versatile diver. Over two days, you do five dives which include deep, navigation and let you choose the other three from a range of exciting options. 

With this course you can learn how to safely use strong currents to explore dive sites on your drift adventure dive or visit eerie sunken ships on your wreck dive. You can take a midnight stroll down the mysterious torchlit streets of the reef on your night dive or introduce yourself to some fish and their lifestyles on the underwater naturalist dive. The SSI Advanced Adventurer certification lets you explore the ocean till a depth of 30 meters across the world. The main difference between the PADI Advanced Open Water and this course is that it is more flexible and helps you save on cheaper cost of materials and certification. This course has all the fun you want while doing a course without the stress of an exam. 


Open Water Certification

Max. Depth:
18 mtrs for Junior AA Diver (Age 12-14)/
30 mtrs for AA Diver (Age 15+)

2 to 3 days

Swimming skills:

Min. Age:
12 years for Junior AA Diver
15 years for AA Diver

INR 22,000



 You will dive Havelock’s best dive sites to complete AA 1,2 and 3 dives which include a deep dive and a navigation dive


Day two involves diving from a boat to two off-shore dive sites to complete AA 4 and 5


Scuba in
Goa & Mumbai

With Scuba in Goa & Mumbai programs you can already start with the theory and pool training to come dive-ready and save time during your dive holiday.

Start your course sitting on your couch at home with SSI eLearning and save time on your Andaman Holiday for pure unadulterated diving.

Please check the SSI Medical statement carefully before diving with us. We have Hebrew subtitled course videos and seasonal instruction in Hebrew by our visiting Israeli instructors.


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