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The Andaman & Nicobar Islands are a Union Territory of India, with Port Blair being the capital. Port Blair is a small, hilly, port town; and due to its central location, is the only access point to the Islands. From here you travel by boat northeast to Havelock – a 55 square miles tranquil tropical island and the Mecca of SCUBA diving in India. Spectacular scenery, stunning tropical sunsets, white sandy beaches and the warm blue sea await you. The island’s clean environment, dense tropical rain forest cover and emerald blue waters of the Bay of Bengal (home to a vast collection of plant, animal and marine life) as well as unpolluted fresh air attract all nature lovers. Here you relax, unwind, marvel and dream away!

Dive In!

This is where you dive into the Andamans! A Dive Experience, half-day Fun Diving to various sites around the island, and Day Trips or Safaris to Barren Island and Invisible Banks will help you unplug and discover the sheer beauty of the Andaman Diving Jewel! A preparation in the lagoon followed by a short boat ride to dive sites with a low number of divers gives you a comfortable, safe and comprehensive diving course. Our Havelock dive shop offers discover scuba or dive intros for first-timers, PADI & SSI courses, dive safaris and diving in a fun, relaxed and safe setting.


Living and Dining options

Havelock offers a wide variety of restaurants and resorts suiting every budget. Come and discover great hospitality, check out our Dive & Accommodation Packages. Everything is within comfortable walking distance, or just a short rickshaw, taxi or bike drive away. Here there are no nightclubs, shopping malls or intrusive salesmen. Life is very peaceful and a visit to different parts of the island by boat is a breathtaking experience.

Scuba Dive Shop

Our dive shop is located at Sea Shell Resort at beach #2.


1. We are a PADI and SSI Dive Center, embracing quality, safety, and excellence in customer service. All this, in a family spirit, with great care for personal attention and detail.

2. We offer stunning and spectacular diving.

3. We can also assist you with your dive and travel experiences in Havelock and other parts of the islands. Please ask for our dive and accommodation packages (Learn to Dive, Fun Diver, Dive Experience Havelock or Go Professional)!

4. Our approach to diving is:

  • – Give every diver a safe and enjoyable experience
  • – Train every student to the highest standard, moulding them into proficient and safe divers
  • – Make everyone connect with and care for the ocean
  • – Have fun in the process and make friends