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SCUBA diving is our passion. Novice or certified diver; we offer you the experience of a lifetime at our dive shop in Havelock Island, Andamans, India. Your comfort, safety and excellence in our PADI & SSI courses and diving are our guarantee. Come and be part of the Scuba family. Everything else will become a surface interval just waiting for the next dive!

Magical, Incredible and Thrilling

“… explore the magical Andaman Islands – a wondrous realm of stunning marine and coral reefs, swimming elephants, pristine beaches and mysterious tribes who exist beyond the reach of time. Pass through shimmering gates of coral and discover volcanic gardens of an underwater paradise. Here … every dive trip brings the promise of exploration and new discoveries.” (Jacques Yves Cousteau)

Dive into the Andamans

Whether you’re curious about a dive introduction, eager for a PADI or SSI certification / course, or ready for your next fun dive; our dive resort in Havelock promises you a memorable dive experience. With our Customised Dive Speedboat you travel safe, comfortable and fast. Check out our Diving & Accommodation Packages to discover an unspoiled and unbelievable diving heaven. We love SCUBA with small groups with whom we can share our stories, ensure personal attention, care and a lot of fun!

Start Your Adventure Today

If you’re apprehensive about diving or pressed for time; our Scuba in the City Programme will give you a head start. Skilled training in the swimming pool gets you absolutely confident and “dive ready” before you make the plunge in the open sea. With eLearning you now have the option to complete the theory online and save time during your holiday.

Dream Dive Holiday

As SCUBA Diving Travel Specialists, we organise top quality dive holidays - for individual and group trips - across the scuba globe, customised and tailor-made to your diving needs. Check our Dive & Accommodation Packages for your Andaman adventure in Havelock and discover a magical diving heaven with our highly-trained staff.